Referees have an integral role to play in the success of the Respect scheme. If you are a match official, there are various ways in which to incorporate Respect into your games including.

• Show Respect to the players – respect must be given to be received

• Don’t tolerate abuse of any form - use the powers available to you to reduce the amount of abuse in the game.
• Utilise the team captains to prevent situations escalating 
• Report any abuse -  give usthe opportunity to impose sanctions where appropriate to ensure we are creating a better environment for all to enjoy the game


What does Respect require of a referee?

It is important that all referees read, understand, accept and sign up to the match officials' code of conduct and it is important to ensure you understand others' codes of conduct

There are four Codes of Conduct covering those involved in football:

1. Club Officials, Coaches and Team Managers
2. Spectators, Parents and Carers
3.Adult players
4. Young players (under 16)


It is important that we at Guernsey FA have a consistent and transparent approach  to the imposition of penalties and therefore, we are relying on you, as the controller of the game, to be clear about the following:

1. What everybody else at the match has signed up to
2.When action needs to be taken
3. What needs to be done.

Respect can only work if we do not ignore people's abusive behaviour, or allow participants to break their Codeand as a referee you have a pivotal role to play.

Monitoring Respect

You may be asked to help Guernsey FA to monitor the impact of the Respect programmeand whether it is having a positive impact on behavior throughout local football. If the league to which you are appointed uses The FA's league administration system Full-Time you can provide feedback on matches that you officiate at. This is a simple task that will only take a few minutes each week. If you would like more information on how to get involved please contact the Football Development Team on:

To view the Guernsey FA's fair play award scheme, please see below.


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