Basic Referee Course


The Referee Course provides the introduction to officiating in 11v11 and 9v9 football. The course will introduce the learner to The Laws of Association Football and their application delivered through theory and practical elements, outlining the skills required to operate as a match official in grass roots football.

Course Aims and Objectives

To provide the learners with an introduction to the principles of officiating, delivering seven modules of training around the laws of the game, application and practical delivery on the training ground and through officiating a minimum of six matches.

Course Pre-Requisites

Prior to Qualification, candidates are required to:

  • Be at least 14 years of age
  • Must have attended The FA Safeguarding Children Workshop (over 16 years of age) if required
  • Must complete The FA Safeguarding Children Distance Learning Module (under 16 years of age) if required
  • Must complete and possess a current FA Criminal Record Check (CRC) if over 16 years of age (cost £10.00)

Candidate Requirements

Prior to Course, candidates are required to:

  • Be reasonably physically active
  • Will need to purchase a whistle and Red/Yellow cards
  • Be aware that on successful completion of the course the candidate will be expected to officiate

UNIT 1 – Induction Evening (2 Hours)

UNIT 2/3 – Day 1 including Fouls and Misconduct (8 Hours)

UNIT 4 – Day 2 including Practical examination (8 Hours)

UNIT 5 – Written Examination (2 Hours)

UNIT 6/7 – 6 games and Call Back event (varied and 2 Hours)

Candidates must attend all sessions. Failure to do so will result in your removal from the course. Please note refunds may not be provided.

Course Content


The course will introduce some key aspects in the following areas:

  • Introduction to officiating
  • Assessment of knowledge of the laws of the game
  • Fouls and misconduct
  • Misconduct report writing
  • Written examination
  • Theory DVD

The course will also include (at separately organised workshops) the following for candidates:

  • FA CRC (if required)
  • FA Safeguarding Children in Football (If required)


Practical elements of the course will provide an introduction to:

  • Module 2/3/4 – Application of law
  • Practical Skills and attributes

Practical Involvement: Candidates will be encouraged to participate practically to maximise their opportunities for learning.

Period of Registration

The first 12 months of registration as a referee is included in the of the cost of the course.

All referees have to register on a yearly basis.

If a referee fails to register for two consecutive seasons he/she will lose their qualification.

Course Overview

Minimum age: 14

Price: TBC


To find out about the next course in Guernsey please contact Referee Officer Geoff Ogier:

T: 01481 200443


The minimum age to book onto and attend a referee course is 14. There is no maximum age.

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