U11 School football team

Primary Schools

Primary School PE

The Guernsey FA are committed to delivering football specific PE lessons to Year 5+6 Primary School students from all schools in Guernsey through the partnership with the Guernsey Sports Commission and their 'PE in Schools' initiative. The PE lessons are based on football development and each week has a different learning focus building the pupils understanding and ability for the sport. Each school in Guernsey receives one half term full of weekly sessions for both Year 5 and Year 6 pupils.

The Guernsey Junior Schools FA

The GJSFA organise the "School Boys Muratti" which is for U11 (Year 6) boys. The selected team represent Guernsey in the first age group 'Muratti' playing against Jersey annually.

For the first time the GJSFA created a girls group in 2017 for girls in Year 5+6 with the aspiration to compete against their Jersey counterpart on an annual basis.


How does my child become involved with the tournaments?

Each school has a designated teacher who organises the school sports team, get in touch with the teachers at your childs school to put their name forward for the matches.

How does my child get selected for the Guernsey Schools team?

If you son or daughter is in Year 6 at primary school their school may nominate them to go for trials to then be selected by the coaches to play against Jersey.

How does my daughter become involved with the School Girls team?

If your daughter is interested in becoming involved with football and is in Year 5+6 then when Mr Sargent makes contact with the schools, ensure that their teacher is aware that they wish to be nominated to join the group.

Get in touch

Mr P. Sargent is the main contact for the GJSFA:

E: psargent@ecjs.gg