Youth Football is mixed up to the age of 18 with boys and girls able to join teams and play together throughout their youth.

Youth football in Guernsey is thriving and Guernsey's seven affiliated Charter Standard Clubs offer mini's and youth football. in addition, the Guernsey FA Academy provides an aspiration for talented players to achieve Representative honours.

With so many exciting opportunities for young players to get involved in the local grassroots game the sport is flourishing with participation numbers and affiliated teams continuing to increase. Children's football has changed in recent years, with new formats introduced that are aimed at providing increased touches of the ball, improved confidence and assisting with all stages of a young player’s development.

Guernsey's Charter Standard Clubs all follow the recommendations of the FA Youth Development Review in ensuring that the recommended small sided formats, such as 4v4 and 5v5, are at the forefront of mini-soccer, whilst youth leagues offer a 9v9 format before moving to 11v11.

Guernsey FA is also aware of the importance of ensuring that young players are supported and guided through the transition from youth to open age football. within local affiliated football, young players have the opportunity to naturally progress to open age football as each of the Charter Standard Clubs have both youth and open age teams.

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