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Guernsey Soccer School

The Aztech Soccer Arena was founded on the principles that football is for everyone, and everyone can always improve.

We’ve created a purpose-built arena that prioritises small-sided games where players enjoy maximum touches of the ball and continuous involvement. This is the future of football education and development, and we combine that with world-class, data-driven self-train equipment – meaning endless possibilities for improvement.

Players of aged 7 and above are welcome on our indoor 3G pitch, outdoor 4G pitch and Tech Zone – our football ‘gym’ – which provides the ultimate challenge.

As well as improving fitness levels, our advanced on-site systems assist players with passing accuracy, goalscoring ability, reflex speeds and much more. ‘The Cube’, the ‘Icons’ and the ‘V2’ provide players with many challenges to move quickly and react to different LED-light sequences and games. There is also the ‘Reaction Wall’ for a test of hand/eye coordination and, for the aspiring goalscorers, state-of-the-art, light and target-driven shooting walls.

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