Nike footballs on a pitch


Guernsey Football Association is committed to establishing opportunities for participation in our national game irrespective of age, gender, ethnicity or disability.

We aim to ensure that in terms of quantity there are opportunities for all to access the sport on a regular basis. More importantly however, is our goal aimed at ensuring that the opportunities which are available are of the quality necessary to provide enjoyment, learning and development in safe environments.

Football in Guernsey has a long and successful history and remains the number one participation sport in the Island today, with the recent creation of the Island’s community football club, Guernsey Football Club, there is now the aspiration for all young players to reach new heights in relation to the performance level they attain in Guernsey.

Ways to Play

There's no shortage of different football formats for you to get involved in. Whether it is small-sided games for young children or the ever popular five-a-side or the more traditional 11-a-side game, there are opportunities for everybody to join a Club or team at some level.

James Rusby celebrating his goal for Binfield