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Close Finance Muratti Press Release

The Channel Islands Inter-Insular Committee is delighted to announce that Close Finance CI has extended its sponsorship of the Muratti for a period of four years.

The agreement with the personal and business loan firm will cover both the men’s and women’s finals, as well as the men’s semi-final in Alderney.

Close Finance Managing Director, Kevin Allen said:

“The Muratti is a huge part of the heritage of the Channel Islands and a key event in the sporting calendar of everyone in Jersey, Guernsey, and Alderney. Close Finance is honoured to extend its sponsorship of this historic event for the next four years.

“We’re also ecstatic that the new agreement involves both the men’s and the women’s events. Growth of the women’s Muratti is a long-term objective for the Inter-Insular Committee as well as the participating Associations, and one which we whole-heartedly support. Diversity in sport is essential, especially when it comes to showing the younger generation that they can be and do anything they want. We hope that by helping the women’s game prosper, we can encourage the next generation of the Islands’ Muratti stars to think big and pursue their dreams.”

Chris Schofield, Chair of the Channel Islands Inter Insular Committee said,

“We are delighted that Close Finance will be extending the ‘Muratti’ partnership for a further four years, and particularly so in consideration that this new agreement incorporates both the men’s and women’s matches. This is another step forward in the work of the Inter-Insular Committee to support the ongoing growth of the women’s game across the Channel Islands.

“With over 100 years of competitive rivalry, the word ‘Muratti’ is synonymous with football in the Channel Islands. The respective island communities look forward to these annual matches and it is pleasing that Close Finance, a company which has provided support across the islands for over 50 years, will be supporting these fantastic football occasions. I am certain that this support will ensure that, regardless of results on the pitch, Channel Islands football will continue to be the winner.”

This season’s semi-final will take place in Alderney on Saturday 25 March, where the home island will take on Jersey. The winners will then play Guernsey on Saturday 13 May at Footes Lane with the women’s final taking place the following day.