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Why do children play football

Have you ever wondered why so many children play football?

Within Guernsey there are thousands of children accessing football in local clubs, schools and other forums but for most children is not about the winning, but something a lot simpler – to have fun and be able to play with friends.

During the 2021/22 season, the GFA undertook a survey of 207 children in years 5 and 6 in local primary schools. The responses showed that for 70% of them, the main reason they played football was to either have fun, or to be able to play with friends. Winning was the priority for only 20% of those surveyed, which provides an invaluable insight for those involved in coaching young children in Guernsey. Don’t believe us…….? Watch this video and see for yourself: 

Creating a good environment for children to learn and develop as football players is one that also promotes fun and enjoyment. For clubs and coaches, the priority is to help create safe, fun and inclusive football. From making players feel welcome to encouraging ownership, simple behaviours can have a big impact, and it is all about positivity. The Boot Room on The FA website is full of useful resources for clubs and coaches, and can be used to find helpful ways in which to create the best possible environment for children and young people.

Click the link below to access information about promoting positivity and to find examples of how to make sessions fun and engaging for players as we head into the 2022/23 season;