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Guernsey FA confirm Senior Mens Representative Manager appointment

The Guernsey FA has confirmed the appointment of Tony Vance as the Senior Men’s Representative Manager on a caretaker basis for the remainder of the 2021/22 season, with Colin Fallaize assisting as the Guernsey FC coaching team step into the recently vacated position.

Guernsey FA Chief Executive, Gary Roberts, commented:

‘The Guernsey FA Board reviewed the position and when taking all factors into consideration, decided that this was a unique situation and one that justified approaching Tony and Colin and asking if they would be prepared to step into the role on a caretaker basis for this season.  Whilst we all hope that we are close to the end of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have to be mindful of the disruption that has already been caused this season, and the risk of further disruption moving forward, both from COVID-19 and the weather, which could impact on planning and preparation for the Inter Insular matches.’

“The Board was also mindful of the limited amount of preparation time that any Manager would have coming into the role, and the opportunity to work with players – both due to the congested local fixture schedule and also that of Guernsey FC, which currently has a significant number of matches to play this season. This consideration, along with the continued uncertainty caused by the pandemic, and in the knowledge that Tony and Colin have extensive experience of Representative football, led the Board to what was deemed to be a practical and sensible decision for this season.”

Guernsey FA Chairman, Chris Schofield, commented:

“We are grateful that Tony and Colin have agreed to step into the role this year, which will hopefully bring success this season and allow the Board the opportunity to review the position regarding the Senior Men’s Representative Manager role going forward once the season has concluded.”

Reflecting on his decision to return to the role on a caretaker basis, Tony Vance commented:

To be honest, it is not something Fal or myself were looking to do but when we were approached by the GFA Board, and given the circumstances, we were happy to take on the responsibility on a caretaker basis.  Managing Guernsey in a Muratti is always an honour, something both of us have been lucky enough to do in the past and ultimately after talking through the situation with the Board representatives, we both felt that we couldn’t turn our back on this.”