Parents in Sport Week 2021

This year's campaign focuses on giving parents the information and tools they need to be part of the bigger safeguarding picture in sport. 

Dates: 4 - 10 October 2021
Location: Nationwide

By signing-up to support the campaign, you'll get all the support you need on your journey to becoming a great sports parent and to keep your child safe in sport. 

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What's new for 2021?

Our aim

This year, the NSPCC are aiming Parents in Sport Week directly at parents whose children take part in the sports we work with, to give them everything they need to be part of the bigger safeguarding picture in sport. 

New resources for 2021

As part of this year's campaign, we'll be launching several new resources for parents to help skill them up on keeping their child safe in sport, these include:

new animation for parents on what abuse might look like in sport and how to get help

Short, interactive e-learning course for parents on how to keep children safe

New look parents' hub on the CPSU website, which parents can use as a one-stop-shop for safeguarding information

We'll be launching these new tools throughout Parents in Sport Week 2021 across the CPSU and NSPCC websites and social media using #ParentsinSportWeek.

How to get involved

If you're a parent

The best people to get parents involved in their child's sport are fellow parents! That's why we need your help to spread the word about keeping children safe in sport and encourage other parents to get involved. 

You can help support this year's campaign by: 

signing-up as a Parents in Sport Week campaigner

taking the e-learning course and learn how to keep your child safe

share this animation on social media to help other parents

talk about Parents in Sport Week on social media by using #ParentsinSportWeek and tagging @NSPCC and @TheCPSU

If you're sports club or activity

We'll need lots of help to reach parents whose children are involved in your sports this year and you can help by:

asking parents in your club to take our e-learning course

pinning our animation to your social media profiles during the week

spreading the word about our resources on social media using #ParentsinSportWeek

Download your campaign pack for clubs here to get started. 

Not a parent or a sports club? 

If you're a partner, fellow charity or private organisation that wants to support Parents in Sport Week, the best way you can help us is to re-share our content on social media and spread the word about our resources to even more parents. 

Follow #ParentsinSportWeek on social during the week, hit share and tag @NSPCC and @TheCPSU