2020-21 Inter Insular Matches

2020-21 Inter Insular Matches

The Channel Island Inter Insular Football Committee confirms that a date has been agreed when a final decision will be taken in relation to the 2020/21 Inter Insular football matches.

The continued impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, and particularly the associated travel restrictions that currently remain in place between the Channel Islands, has resulted in the Inter Insular football schedule once again being placed on hold. The Committee will now make a final decision about the viability of these matches on Friday 30th April.

Guernsey FA Chief Executive, and Inter-Insular Committee Secretary, Gary Roberts, outlined the reasoning behind the latest decision of the Committee:

“All members of the Committee remain fully committed to Inter Insular football. However, the continuing travel restrictions, combined with the on-going uncertainty and risk associated with COVID-19, has made it impossible, at this time, for the Committee to make any final decision regarding the 2020/21 season fixtures.  

The Committee fully understands the tradition and history attached to these matches and there is a unified commitment to ensuring these fixtures resume when it is both viable and safe. The Committee also recognises the ongoing logistical difficulties with inter-island travel and similarly remains fully aware of the social responsibility to place the health and well-being of the local communities at the forefront of any decision making.

The Committee was in full agreement that a final decision needs to be taken about the 2020/21 fixtures and will do so on 30th April. This date was agreed because after this time it will be difficult to successfully organise and host the various fixtures before the end of the season on 30th June.”

Jersey FA, and Inter-Insular Committee, President, Bradley Vowden added:

“As a Committee we are committed to providing the best Players from the Channel Islands with Muratti fixtures. As a former player, I understand the values in representing your Island and it is important that we provide these Players with that opportunity and by waiting until April 30th we are hoping that Inter Island Travel will allow these fixtures to take place.

The Committee also began discussions about the 2021/22 fixtures and whilst no dates have been confirmed, there was full agreement that hosting the Senior Men’s matches in August and September was simply not a viable option due to the likely conflict with Jersey Bulls and Guernsey FC matches in the National League System.

In the meantime, we would again like to thank the sponsors of the various Muratti matches, including Close Finance CI and the Hotel Ambassadeur for their ongoing support and patience.”

For media enquiries, please contact:

Bradley Vowden – President JFA and Inter Insular Committee Member - 07797 763 372

Gary Roberts - GFA Chief Executive, and Inter-Insular Committee Secretary – gary.roberts@guernseyfa.com or 01482 200443