Soccer School


After a long hiatus due to the recent lockdown period, resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic, we are pleased to announce that football is slowly beginning to return to normal.

As of last week, the Guernsey Soccer School, in association with the GFA, has restarted football coaching. In accordance with the current guidelines of Phase 4, this can only be done on a 1 to 1 basis (player to coach) at this time.

Staff have been busy in recent weeks, preparing the Victoria Avenue playing fields, and the site has now been tested and used for 1 to 1 outfield player, and goalkeeper sessions, run by Soccer School coaches Ross Allen and Jordan Kelly.

The focus of these sessions is to work on a variety of technical aspects of the game. Whether that be different methods of kicking or handling the ball, or through developing an understanding of body position, movement, and pitch awareness. Players get the chance to repeat actions many times during the 45-minute session. This allows us the opportunity to see very quick improvements in the individual, which helps to develop their confidence to take into future sessions.

It is hoped that things will change once again very soon now that the schools have reopened, and we will be able to offer bigger group sessions. We will of course update with a further announcement as soon as we are given the green light for such activities.

So for now, head on over to the Soccer School website ( to secure your 1 to 1 session!