UEFA B License - FA Level 3

The first ever UEFA B license in Guernsey is in full flow, with candidates from Sylvans SC, Guernsey Rovers AC, Guernsey FC, Guernsey FA, Guernsey Ladies FC, Guernsey Primary Schools FA, Elizabeth College Junior School and Vale Recreation FC in attendance. Andy Poole, County Coach Developer, has been in the island to lead on the course alongside Mike Garnett and Angus Mackay. Block 2 took place at the end of September, with a variety of content including practical and theory. Practical sessions were varied, including matchday observations with Vale Recreation U11’s, coaching sessions with the Guernsey FA Academy U16’s & U13’s and Vale Recreation U18’s. This variety gave candidates an experience of different formats of the game and the opportunity to share ideas with reference to matchday and training.

The FA Level 3 (UEFA B) in Coaching Football is designed to help coaches develop players by designing practices that encourage decision-making, while meeting the technical, tactical, physical, psychological and social needs of the players. Football is filled with complex decision-making scenarios, so designing relevant game-like practices with plenty of decision-making opportunities is crucial. They ensure that players are able to practice and prepare for competition.

Course Outcomes

  • Develop an understanding of the England DNA
  • Refine a coaches beliefs, values and coaching and playing philosophy
  • Develop players by designing practices that meet technical and tactical, physical, psychological and social needs.
  • Understand the demands of the game and how to meet the needs of players as they build a deeper understanding of their various roles and responsibilities within the team.
  • Understand what relevant and effective practice looks like in both training and competition

Course Candidate, Stew Moyles, commented that “It was great to spend time with dedicated coaches and discuss how we plan, deliver and evaluate practices to best develop players. Block 1 and 2 of the UEFA B license has helped me understand and fine tune why we coach what we coach along with how we coach.”

“I’m excited to continue to work on my project and continue to catch up with coaches from the course and meet up in Block 3!”

Block 3 of the course is due to take place at the end of November, covering the following:

Workshop 8

  • Theory – How We Coach
  • Blended Practice
  • Linking units within teams
  • Technical /Tactical detail

Workshop 9

How we coach

  • Linking coaching philosophy from practice to fixtures
  • Development of Technical /Tactical detail
  • P.D.R Practice Design- Building Practices, Units with Units
  • Practice design practical delivery Units within Units- Learner Delivery.

Workshop 10

How we play -‘The Future Player’

  • Project Reviews – Tutor Groups
  • Reflection – planning for Block 4

Workshop 11

  • Block 1 and 2 review
  • Project Reviews
  • Groupwork Practice Design
  • Practice design
  • Individual Technical / Tactical detail
  • Linking units with individual detail