Guernsey FA Cup 2019-20 First Round

On Sunday 27th October, the 2019/20 Guernsey FA Cup will commence with three of the six Round 1 matches being played.

These three matches will be followed by further matches on Monday 28th and Tuesday 29th as the twelve teams in Round 1 compete for the opportunity to play against the Priaulx teams that will enter the competition in the Round of 16. Rovers Vets and Rangers Vets will be competing for the opportunity to play Belgrave Wanderers at the Track in the Round of 16, whilst the winner of the Valencia and Sylvans 2 match will play last season’s beaten finalists and current Priaulx champions St Martins.

The Round of 16 has also produced two potentially exciting matches with Rovers 1 hosting the 2016/17 and 2017/18 FA cup winners Vale Rec, and current holders North will host St Ouen from Jersey.

The full list of Round 1 fixtures is as follows:

Sun 27 October 2019       Rovers Vets                       v                             Rangers Vets @ Port Soif – Kick-off @ 1:30 pm

Sun 27 October 2019       Rovers 2                              v                             Thrive Physiotherapy @ Port Soif – Kick-off @ 2.00 pm               

Sun 27 October 2019       Valencia                              v                             UCF Sylvans 2 @ Corbet Field – Kick-off @ 2.00 pm                               

Mon 28 October 2019     St Martins 2                       v                             London House Bels @ Blanche Pierre Lane – Kick-off @ 7:30 pm

Mon 28 October 2019     Red Lion North                 v                             Rangers Railway @ Northfield – Kick-off @ 7:30 pm                                                                                

Tue 29 October 2019       Manzur Yew                      v                             Rocquaine Pirates @ The Track – Kick-off @ 7:30 pm