FA Mentoring Adults

FA Coach Mentor Programme in Guernsey

The FA Coach Mentor Programme is a national initiative aimed at providing on-the-ground support to develop and support coaches in grassroots clubs.

The FA sees the development of coaches as central to the development of the game, and working collaboratively accelerates learning and supports coaches’ development. This programme represents a major investment in the grassroots game and offers on-the-ground support to FA Charter Standard Clubs, and clubs in Guernsey are benefitting from the support of two Mentors, Steve Sharman and Mike Garnett.

The mentoring support provided at a club could include:

  • Developing a whole club philosophy
  • Group coaching demonstrations
  • 1:1 coaching, match-day observation and support
  • Signposting to relevant courses and events
  • Needs analysis for individual coaches
  • Modelling of coaching sessions for individual coaches
  • Individual feedback
  • An individual learning programme

Within Guernsey, the clubs benefitting from the support are Guernsey Rovers, Guernsey Rangers, Northerners AC, Vale Recreation FC and Sylvans SC.

In addition to the support being provided to those local clubs, Guernsey FA Football Development Officer, Angus Mackay is providing mentor support specifically to local Wildcat Centres and commented on the overall mentor support being provided across football in Guernsey:

‘The FA Coach Mentor programme is fantastic and is allowing us to offer 250 hours of mentoring support during the 2019-20 season. The programme has progressed and developed over the last 5 years and we hope that this will continue in the future.’