mug golf day

GFA and MUG Charity Golf Day 2019

A charity golf day has raised money for two local organisations.

Male Uprising Guernsey and the Guernsey Football Association held a charity golf day at the Royal Guernsey Golf Club, with the proceeds equally split between the two.

The day saw 14 teams of four play the 18-hole course to compete for a number of prizes, with a dinner in the evening – the fee to take part will go to the charities.

The event was organised by Phil Sykes, a director of the GFA and PGA coach at the golf club.

‘I am very grateful for our sponsors’ support. If we didn’t have sponsors, events like these wouldn’t happen. This year is a particularly special year for the GFA as they celebrate 125 years of Guernsey football. I love football and I was asked to get involved with the association a number of years ago,’ said Mr Sykes. ‘As funds get lower, we need more and more support to run all that we do. This includes football for both boys and girls as well as developmental officers going into schools.’

The GFA and Mug have previously worked together, including on the Check Your Balls campaign, and chairman of Mug, Trevor Kelham, was grateful to Mr Sykes for organising the event as well as the two sponsors.

‘We’re really grateful to the Royal Guernsey Golf Club for putting this event on as it not only helps raise much-needed funds but also awareness for the charity. It’s great to be able to share this with GFA, 125 years is a fantastic achievement. We’re big supporters of them.’

Mug focuses on increasing awareness of male cancers and helping those affected by prostate, bowel and testicular cancer.

‘It’s about making people aware of symptoms and encouraging people to go to the doctor to detect anything wrong early. When I was in my 20s, three of my friends died from cancers. I founded the charity in 2012 after attending too many young funerals. I believe they didn’t die of cancer, they died of being men. They were aware of the symptoms that they had but didn’t go to the doctor.’

Mug also encourages family and friends to encourage loved ones to go to the doctor when something is wrong.

‘If I’d known more then, maybe I could have been that friend who pushed them to go to the doctor and maybe things would have been different.’

The event was sponsored by Doyle Motors and PraxisIFM.

Any business interested in sponsoring next year’s event should contact Phil Sykes at the Royal Guernsey Golf Club.