Female Football Focus

The Guernsey Football Association remains committed to developing the sport for women and girls , whilst also retaining a focus on securing the future of the sport through a coordinated programme that introduces and educates young volunteers. For that reason, the GFA is delighted that it has been able to deliver the first ever Junior Football Leaders College at Ladies College, which has been attended by eight students.

Delivery of the Junior Football Leaders course has been possible through the specific support of Ravenscroft, which is now in its third year of a partnership with the GFA that is focussed on supporting various areas of the local game. That partnership has now ensured that over 75 young people have now enjoyed the opportunity to complete the course and learn some new and invaluable skills that they can use, both within the sport itself and everyday situations. Guernsey FA Development Officer, Angus Mackay, who has been responsible for delivery of the course, reflected that:

‘Being able to deliver the first course at Ladies College was fantastic, and the enthusiasm of the girls has been really pleasing to see. They have been fully engaged, and hopefully they will progress on to becoming regular volunteers within the sport locally. The GFA is focussed on making the sport more accessible and appealing to women and girls, and having female volunteers as role models is just one way in which this area of the game can grow and develop.’

‘I would like to once again recognise the on-going support that the GFA receives from Ravenscroft, not only through helping to support delivery of the Junior Football Leaders course, but also through supporting the GFA Girls Player Development Centre and the various Youth Football Leagues. Without support such as that given by Ravenscroft, the work to develop and grow the game in Guernsey through our various programmes and initiatives would be that much more difficult.’

The Junior Football Leaders Award itself, includes six hours of practical learning, with the students then required to complete four hours of volunteering to gain the full qualification. Those voluntary hours can be achieved by helping with a team, running football activity sessions, refereeing or organising and managing events. The course has been well received at Ladies College, with PE teacher Liz Dudin commenting:

‘We owe a thank you to Angus and the GFA for providing the opportunity for the girls to take part in the FA Junior Football Leaders Award. Not only does it allow girls to play some football, but also to have the opportunity to learn some basic leadership skills including: how to help with a team, basic refereeing, assisting with running little sessions/drills, how to develop the fundamentals of football. We aim to provide students at the Ladies’ College with a range of opportunities and learning environments and this course does just that. Many of the girls are also using the course to go towards their bronze Duke of Edinburgh skill, so it is beneficial all round.’

For more information about the Junior Football Leaders Award, please contact GFA Football Development Officer, Angus Mackay;

Tel – 01481 200443

Email – Angus.mackay@guernseyfa.com

Pictures provided by the Guernsey Press