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Guernsey Football Association Happy 125th Birthday

Today, Tuesday 5th February 2019, marks the Guernsey Football Association’s 125th birthday.

Historical documents acknowledge the formation of the Guernsey Football Association on 5th February 1894, when Guernsey Rangers, along with the 2nd Battalion the Royal Fusiliers, elected a committee at a meeting chaired by Lt. Simpson of the Royal Fusiliers, and the Priaulx League was formed. The meeting was attended by Mr T.J. Mitchell who at the time was President of Guernsey Rangers, Messrs. Beesley and Smith, along with several serving members of the Royal Fusiliers.

The Priaulx League itself was named after Mr. O. Priaulx from Bury St Edmunds who donated towards the cost of buying a trophy for the new league competition, along with funds raised by the Royal Fusiliers.

At the meeting, it was agreed that the formation of the Priaulx League would necessitate the introduction of a ‘Committee of Management’, which would also require an appointed President. Those in attendance at that meeting, which was held at Stedmans Café, Fountain Street, agreed to elect Jurat J.T.R Havilland as President with Mr O.B. Beesley elected as the Secretary and Col. Taylor of the Royal Fusiliers elected as Vice President.

Later in 1894, Jurat Havilland and Mr Beesley were succeeded in their respective roles by Gen. N. Stevenson and Mr. E. Domaille, whilst in 1896 the first elected Treasurer was confirmed as being Mr. R. Pontin.

That first meeting on 5th February 1894 was reported in the Star the following day and a copy of the report in the newspaper can be found below.

More interesting facts and information, taken from the Guernsey Football Association minute books will be available on the Association website in the weeks and months ahead