GFA 125th Anniversary Museum Exhibition

The 2018/19 season is one in which the Guernsey Football Association celebrates its 125th anniversary, dating back to the 5th February 1894 when the Association was established after a meeting between representatives of Guernsey Rangers, the Channel Islands oldest football club, and the 2nd Battalion the Royal Fusiliers.

As part of the programme to celebrate this historic anniversary, the Guernsey Football Association currently has a display at the Candie Gardens Museum. The display includes numerous images, photographs and memorabilia from throughout the 125 years of Guernsey football, along with information about various events that have been specific highlights during the many years in which the sport has been played in the island.

The display at the Museum is open to the general public, and will remain open until Thursday 17th March, and represents a unique opportunity to get an insight into the history of the Guernsey Football Association.