Guernsey fa cup

Guernsey FA Cup Draw 2019-20

The Guernsey FA is pleased to confirm the entries and draw for the 2019/20 Guernsey FA Cup.

The full list of confirmed entries is as follows:

Rovers Vets

St Martins 2

Manzur Yew

Rovers 2nd


Red Lion North

Rangers Vets

London House Bels

Rocquaine Pirates


Sylvans 2nd

Rangers Railway

Rovers 1st



Sylvans 1st



CF Independent

Vale Rec

St Ouen

St Martins 1

The draw for the competition is as follows:

Round 1                                              

Match A               Rovers Vets        v              Rangers Vets

Match B               St Martins 2        v              London House Bels

Match C               Manzur Yew       v              Rocquaine Pirates

Match D               Rovers 2nd         v              Thrive

Match E                Valencia               v              Sylvans 2nd

Match F                Red Lion North  v              Rangers Railway                                           

Last 16                                 

Match G               Winner of F        v              CF Independent

Match H               Rovers 1st           v              Vale Rec

Match I                 Rangers                v              Winner of C

Match J                Bels                        v              Winner of A

Match K               Sylvans 1st          v              Winner of D

Match L                Manzur                v              Winner of B

Match M              North                    v              St Ouen

Match N               Winner of E        v              St Martins 1                                     


Match O               Winner of N       v              Winner of G

Match P               Winner of J         v              Winner of L

Match Q               Winner of I         v              Winner of M

Match R               Winner of K        v              Winner of H                                      


Match S                Winner of Q       v              Winner of P

Match T                Winner of O       v              Winner of R                                       


Winner of S        v              Winner of T 

The competition will begin in October with the First Round matches scheduled from the weekend of 26th October.