Football needs YOU

Referees Course

Football in Guernsey is always looking for new and enthusiastic referees – could you be one of them? Have a think about these questions, and if the answer is Yes to all of them, it could be that Refereeing is just for you;

1. Have you ever wondered what it is like to ‘manage’ a football game?
2. Are you passionate about the sport but unable to play as much as you did?
3. Do you want a hobby where you can earn money?
4. Do you want to understand why certain refereeing decisions are made?

If you answered Yes to all of the above, you certainly aren’t the only one as more and more people of all ages, genders, races and abilities are taking up the whistle and supporting grassroots football.

Course format

The course is in various stages as listed below.

  • Registration (email RDO Geoff Ogier;
  • Pre-course study sent out to all candidates
  • Safeguarding/CRC - Three hours
  • Practical training 1 - Six hours
  • Fouls and Misconduct - Three hours
  • Practical training 2 - Six hours
  • Five Games 11v11 or 9v9
  • Examination and next steps

PRE-COURSE: You will receive a course training pack.  This training pack will supply you with the tools in order to help learn the Laws of the Game.  Please note that this training pack must be completed prior to attending the course.  Rather than being classroom based, the course is delivered in a practical way enabling you to apply the Laws of the Game on the field.

COURSE: The next course is scheduled for

1st Day   Saturday the 6th of August

2nd Day  Sunday the 14th of August

The basic referees’ course involves approximately 20 hours of training, much of it practical.

POST-COURSE: Following the course you will need to referee five 11v11 or 9v9 games and return your five-game form. After you have refereed the appropriate number of games you will be required to sit an examination on the Laws of the Game. Only once this is successfully completed will you obtain fully-qualified status.


The cost of the referee course will £50.

Included in the price will be:

  • A 'Laws of the Game' booklet
  • An interactive DVD of the Laws of the Game
  • A pre-course study programme
  • All course materials
  • FA Respect training
  • FA registration fee for your first season
  • Whistle
  • Red and yellow cards and holder
  • FA Referee badge
  • FA mentor

Would you like more information?

Please email the Guernsey FA Referees’ Officer, Geoff Ogier at or telephone 01481 200443

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