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Player registration

Players wishing to play affiliated football in Guernsey, are required to register to both the Guernsey FA and the Guernsey Football League.

The Standard Code of Rules and Standard Code of Youth Rules, which have been adopted by the Guernsey Football League, recognise a 'Player' as being one who, being in all other respects eligible, has:

(i) signed a fully and correctly completed Competition registration form in ink, countersigned by an Officer, which is submitted to the Competition 2 days prior to the Player playing and whose registration has been confirmed by the Competition prior to that Player playing in a Competition Match;

(ii) signed a fully and correctly completed Competition registration form in ink on a match day prior to playing which is countersigned by an Officer of the Club and witnessed by an Officer of the opposing Club, and submitted to the Competition within two days of the match. The Player shall not play again until the Club is in possession of the approval of the Competition. A maximum of 2 players may be registered in accordance with this paragraph 8(B)(ii); or

(iii) registered through WGS.

Any registration form which is sent by either of the means set out at Rules 8(B) (i) or (ii) above that is not fully and correctly completed will be returned to the Club unprocessed. If a Club attempts to register a player via WGS but does not fully and correctly complete the necessary information via WGS, the registration will not be processed.

For clubs registering players under Rules 8(B) (i) or (ii) registration forms will be provided in a format to be determined by the Competition. For Clubs registering players via WGS (under Rule 8 (B) (iii)) Clubs must access WGS in order to complete the registration process.

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For more information about how to get involved in football in Guernsey as a player or volunteer, please contact the Guernsey FA Development Team:

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