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Rules and Regulations

All Clubs, Leagues and Affiliated Associations shall play and/or administer football in conformity with the Rules of The Football Association and also:

  • The Laws of the Game (as defined in the Articles)
  • The statutes and regulations of FIFA and UEFA which are in force from time to time

The following links provide access to the relevant documents:

Rules of the Football Association //

Laws of the Game //

Affiliated football in Guernsey is played in conformity with the Rules of the Guernsey Football Association, which can be downloaded below:

Guernsey FA Rules

Competitions seeking sanction must draft their Rules in conformity with The Football Association's Standard Code of Rules (SCOR) or Standard Code of Rules for Youth (SCORY) Code. Competitions may add to the core of the Standard Code, which is mandatory, providing the additions are approved by the sanctioning association and do not conflict with the mandatory Rules or any relevant principles and policies established by the FA . Guidance from the Sanctioning Authority should be sought in advance if there is any doubt as to the acceptability of additional Rules.

Affiliated league and cup football in Guernsey is played in conformity with the Guernsey Football League's SCOR and SCORY, which can be downloaded below:



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For more information regarding Rules & Regulations for affiliated football please contact the Guernsey FA:

T: 01481 200443