Muratti - Ladies

The Women’s Senior Muratti is contested annually between Guernsey and Jersey. The first Muratti was contested in 1997 when Guernsey won 3-0. To date there have been 16 Women’s Muratti’s, Guernsey winning 6 and Jersey winning 10.

(Photography courtesy of the Guernsey Press)

1997 in Guernsey. Guernsey 3 Jersey 0
S Carre, N Baudains, V Gallienne, T Thorne, A Harvey, E Ward, E Kimber, J Bean, B Geddes, C Le Noury, A Machon. Subs: D McNichol, S Brehaut, S Le Marquand

1998 in Jersey. Jersey 0 Guernsey 2
S Carre, A Harvey, K Dyke, Natalie Luscombe, A Machon, E Ward, E Kimber (Capt), C Le Noury, B Geddes, LPeck, L Sylvester. Subs: S Hussey, S Le Marquand, S Brehaut

1999 in Guernsey. Guernsey 3 Jersey 1
S Carre, A Harvey, N Baudains, E Ward, Natalie Luscombe, A Machon, L Sylvester, G Renouf, E Kimber,
B Geddes (Capt), C Le Noury. Subs: S Brehaut, L Peck, J Bean

2000 in Jersey. Jersey 0 Guernsey 1
S Carre, Natalie Luscombe, Nicola Luscombe, E Ward, A Harvey, A Machon, L Sylvester, L Peck, Z Harley,
B Geddes, C Le Noury. Subs: J McKenzie, K Hussey

2001 in Guernsey. Guernsey 2 Jersey 1
S Carre, Natalie Luscombe, E Ward. A Harvey, Z Harley, K Hussey, A Machon, L Sylvester, J Mackenzie, C Le Noury, K Le Gallez. Sub: K Millard

2002 in Jersey. Jersey 1 Guernsey 0
S Carre, J Palmer, E Ward, A Harvey, L Sylvester, L Waterman, A Machon, G Bailey, L Sebire, C Le Noury, S Millard. Subs: P Le Page, K Davison, K Hussey

2003 in Guernsey. Guernsey 2 Jersey 3
L Sylvester, C Le Noury, B Evans, K Hussey, A Machon, L Waterman, L Sebire, G Bailey, A Harvey, J Palmer, S Carre. Subs: K Davison, E Holden

2004 in Jersey Jersey. 4 Guernsey 1
S Carre, G Bailey, C Benfield, B Hart, J Palmer, K Robert, K Hussey, R Vaudin, L Sebire, T Osbourne, K Le Gallez. Subs: E Gettings, E Holden.

2005 in Guernsey. Guernsey 1 Jersey 5
S Carre, G Bailey, R Falla, R Hart. L Sebire, Ogier, L Sylvester, E Gettings, J Palmer, R Vaudin, C Le Noury. Subs: L Corten, E Holden,

2006 in Jersey. Jersey 1 Guernsey 0
E Atkinson, M Le Prevost, S Warren, J Bailey, V Rang, R Hart, R Vaudin, E Holden, R Warren, N Grainger, K Robert. Subs: E Gettings, C Hennessy, C Le Noury.

2007 in Guernsey Jersey 3 Guernsey 3 0 aet
L Saunders, M Le Prevost, J Crouse, L Sylvester, E Holden, R Vaudin, N Grainger, J Palmer, C Le Noury, K Robert. Subs: V Rang, C Hennessy, L Corten.

2008 In Jersey Jersey 0 Guernsey 1
K Marquis, C Simon, S Warren, G Crouse, V Rang, E Holden, R Vaudin, L Sylvester, N Grainger, D Brazier, J Palmer Subs B Hart

2009 In Guernsey Guernsey 0 Jersey 1
K Marquis, J Palmer, J Crouse, A Robert, C Simon, R Vaudin, H Arnold, B Warren, K Warren, H Coutu, V Rang Subs S Warren, E Gettings, E Holden

2010 in Jersey- Jersey 8 Guernsey 0

Marquis, G.Harvey, A. Harvey, Pengelley, Rolf, Hall, Le Tissier, Batiste, Page, Rouget, Simon, Gallienne, Le Lacheur, Le Vallee, Carre, Smeed, Young, Wills.

2011 in Guernsey- Guernsey 2, Jersey 6

K.Marquis, L.Sharrott, J.Pengelley, V.Rang, A.Ogier, Rolf, S.Batiste, Sebire, D.Gallienne, J.Page, D.Brazier. Subs - Le Lacheur, Harvey

2012 in Jersey- Jersey 1, Guernsey 0

K. Marquis, J.Smith, A.Ogier, J.Pengelley, V.Rang, S.Batiste, J.Anderson, C.Simon, J.Page, D.Brazier, D.Gallienne. Subs: K.Melhuish, C.Rouget, L.Sharrott, E.Queripel, N.Walters, K.Jones, N. Wills.

2014 Jersey 5 Guernsey 1

E. Queripel, A. Davis, V.Rang, J. Smith, A. Ogier, L. Strange, A. Roberts, R. Plant, N. Bianco, J. Page, K. Melhulish, C. Simon, D. Marsden, E. Robinson, E. Holden, S. Roberts, D. Brazier


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