Get into Football



Get into Football is The FA's first campaign aimed at promoting our football development initiatives to all children and parents.

As the guardians of the game, it is The FA's role, through County Associations is to ensure there are opportunities for all to play the game and also engage people at all levels in off-the-field roles.

It's about doing things properly. About making sure everyone has a chance to be involved in football, regardless of ability, race, gender, religion or background. It’s about encouraging and increasing the involvement of groups at all levels of football by recognising that inequalities exist and taking steps to address them. It's about making opportunities available where currently they are limited.

It is the work of the football development officers based in each County to help deliver the objectives of football for all. They are there on the other end of the phone or e-mail to support you to get into football.

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Angus Mackay: 07781 126461 or email:

Etienne Le Prevost: 07781 150399 or email:

 Joelle Pengelley: 07781 441680 or email: 



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