Football is played under The Laws of Association Football as laid down by the International Board of the Federation of International Football. If these laws are broken by those playing the game then there are discipline rules that must be applied by referees and administrators. Football is a very emotive game and people’s passions are aroused. It is therefore necessary for referees to enforce the laws and see they are adhered to. Players and coaches have a duty to see the game is played in the right spirit otherwise they will fall foul of the disciplinary punishments as laid down by The Football Association.

The current administration charge for a single caution is £10. This must be paid within 14 days of the date of notification. There is no appeal against a caution except in the case of mistaken identity. Any cases or alleged cases of mistaken identity must be made to the County Football Association in writing within 14 days of the match date by the club and the player. The matter will then be investigated. Initially it is the club's responsibility to pay the fine and complete the caution form, giving full details of the player. Players over 16 years of age must then reimburse the club. Any other clubs he plays for should also be included on the form. It should be signed by both the player and club secretary.

A player, club official or a club has the right of appeal against any charge levied. The cost of a personal hearing is £25. If the charge is subsequently found proved then the appellant would pay the adjusted costs of the hearing as well as losing his personal hearing fee.

Clubs which fail to return acknowledgement forms and monies owed by the due date will be subject to additional fines. That could in turn result in the suspension of the club should the rules not be adhered to.

If you are in any doubt or have any questions regarding personal hearings, contact Gary Roberts at the GFA Headquarters at Gary.Roberts@guernseyfa.com or on 200443.

To report discrimination or any other allegations, The Football Associations hotline number is 0800 0850508 as well as an email address FootballforAll@TheFA.com  


Playing By The Rules

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