Licensed Coaches Club


Licensed Coaches Club

Modern society places high emphasis on recognised qualifications and standards of professional expertise. Prior to 2011 parents and players had the opportunity to question and doubt the ability and knowledge of those involved in coaching but the launch of the FA Coaches Club for Licensed Coaches in August 2011 has offered coaches the chance to remove any doubt about their credibility.

The ‘FA Licensed Football Coaches Club' is designed to ensure that Coaches who are members of this Club are recognised for their commitment to continued professional development, up-to-date learning and promotion of good practice at all times. It is anticipated that such Coaches will provide assurances to all parties as to their suitability to coach the game. The Licensed Coaches Club is free for coaches who sign up during the 2013/14 season.


What is an FA Licensed Football Coach?
An FA licensed football coach has met the criteria necessary to be given a license to coach from The FA. This requires that the coach will:

  • Hold a recognised and valid English/ UEFA coaching qualification
  • Have an FA enhanced Criminal Relations Bureau (CRB) check
  • Commit to a minimum level of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) every year
  • Retain in-date Safeguarding Children and Emergency Aid certificates
  • Join The FA Coaches Club for Licensed Football Coaches.

Why should I become a licensed football coach?
The value of becoming an FA ‘Licensed Coach’ is evident when considering the benefits it offers to coaches of all ages in the ever changing modern game. With the constant physical, technical, tactical and psychological improvements in the game, coaches must be prepared to evolve and develop personally to ensure they are able to be successful coaches. To that end, the access to the latest developments provided to ‘Licensed Coaches’ is an invaluable benefit. Becoming a ‘Licensed Coach’ requires a commitment to ongoing learning and development, which promotes self-esteem in the knowledge that the correct coaching techniques, styles and practices are implemented when coaching. The FA Licensed Coaches scheme provides coaches with the continuous training necessary to handle the growing demands of the game at every level.

When can I join The FA Coaches Club for Licensed Coaches?

To apply for a licence, visit The FA Licensed Coaches' Club website