Funding for Facility improvements


Funding for facility improvements

Funding for new football facilities or improving current facilities is available from the Football Foundation through a variety of different schemes.

Football Stadia Improvement Fund 
The FSIF provides money for clubs in the Football League and the National League System down to step 7 and below who want to improve their facilities. 

Grassroots Facility Funding for Community projects - Under £50,000 Build the Game Scheme
Funding for smaller facilities projects, with flexible criteria for projects to support the growth and retention of grassroots football. It can include replacement goals, new boilers, pitch drainage etc or support towards a larger development scheme. Funding is available at a maximum of 50%.

Grassroots Facility Funding for Community projects - Over £50,000 up to £500,000
The needs of the projects should be driven by your football development plan, which will indicate how your organisation will develop over 5 years following investment into your facilities, it should include the following areas:

1. Growth & Retention 
2. Raising Standards 
3. Better Players 
4. Running the Game 
5. Workforce Development 
6. Facility Development 
7. Promotion 

The Football Development Plan template should be used to develop your plan. A example plan and the template can be found below. 

The Football Foundation normally funds projects around the 50% level so you need to consider partnership funding and the Football Foundation will look more favourably on projects that try to secure more funding by applying to other sources – even if not successful (Keep any rejection letters to show you have applied).

More details on the Football Foundation can be found on their website 

For any further information please contact:

Chief Executive Officer
Gary Roberts
(01481) 200443 or 07781 404986 (mobile)
Fax: (01481) 200451 



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